User FAQ

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How does this 'Hyderabad Locator' site works?

When a visitor visits to our site, they will see our "search panel" and use it to specify word(s) they are looking for. When they do this, the site displays a list of businesses in Hyderabad that offer the services they searched for. Visitors are provided with lots of information about the service providers so that they can directly contact. That's it.
The search keywords might be anything like product name, brand name, business name, location name etc.
Ex: Bakery, Banjara Hills................
Ex: Furniture repair, Malakpet..............

Business FAQ

Can you tell me about your company?

'Hyderabad Locator' is an exclusive local search engine intended to serve the local information to the users.

Do you display advertising?

For only free listings we display advertisements.

How much does this cost?

One of our motto is indeed growth for your business. We are offering you this business listing service at a very affordable price. Please do call us for further details.

Why is your pricing so low?

Our ultimate mission is to make citizens daily life easy than ever before by providing information about services offered by the biggest companies to the smallest shops. So we offer our quality service with in economy range.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested to list your business with us, please do contact us and we shall take care of the rest.

How do I sign in and edit my business profile?

You will be provided a business Id and password credentials when you sign-up with us. Use the valid credentials in the section "BUSINESS LOGIN" on top right of the website ( and you can manage/edit all the information regarding your business profile.

What is PAID listing and FREE listing?

Paid listing provides you access to edit/modify/manage your business profile so that visitors and customers can find and contact you easily.
Free listing does not have access to manage/update their business profile.

Forgot Password?

Don't worry. Provide the valid email that was used while you sign-up with us in the 'forgot password' section and your password will be mailed to you.

What are the special benefits?

We provide you an exclusive business identity number which you can use it for your business advertising. That means you have an online presence in the web world and your business is visible to everyone on the web.
Use your business URL in your business cards, advertisement areas, pamphlets, leaflets etc.